PDF Password Recover - Tutorial and support

How to recover pdf open password and owner password safely and efficiently. (Latest version)

We have too many passwords to remember! Email accounts, social accounts and so many places need to log in. Can you remember all of them? That would be a big challenge even you have password managers to help address such issue.

All of us know that setting passwords on PDF documents could improve the security and prevent unauthorized users from accessing to the files. But sometimes you may forget the password accidently because it is hard to keep so many passwords in mind. Then how to recover your own user password? You just need a pdf password recovery tool to handle this issue.

PDF Password Recover Pro is a pdf password recovery software that enables you to recover both pdf user password and owner password safely and efficiently. It comes with various recovery methods you may need. In this article, we will walk through the 4 steps you should follow for pdf password recovery.

Step 1. Add an encrypted PDF file.

By clicking the "Add PDF file" button, you can select the encrypted PDF to be recovered.

add pdf to pdf password recover pro

Step 2. Choose the password type(s) you want to recover.

PDF has two kinds of security password. One is owner password, which is used the control what you can do with the encrypted PDF. The other is open password, which stops you from opening and viewing if you don?t enter the password correctly.

You can select the open password or owner password or both by checking the box or boxes.

select to recover user password and owner password

Step 3. PDF password recovery methods selection.

PDF Password Recover provides brute-force attack capability to retrieve your lost password with all possible combinations, including lowercase and uppercase Latin letters (a to z and A to Z), digits (0 to 9), space and special symbols. You can also set the password length and sweep direction if you can remember.

config recovery options

Some tricks to shorten password recovery time.

  1. Limit the password length. If you can remember how long your lost password, that would be significantly speeding up the recovery job.
  2. Customize the charset combination. More characters can be excluded, faster the recovery process will be.

Step 4. Click "Start" button and wait for seconds.

At last, click the "Start" button and the pdf password recovery software will perform the process. Be patient if your password is complicated. Once the password is recovered, a .txt file will be produced in the original file folder. You will find your recovered password there.

start pdf password recovery process

See, PDF Password Recover Pro recover PDF password quickly and safely. Standalone and easy to use for users with all experience level. Do not hesitate and download it for free by clicking the button below now!

PDF Password Recover Pro version free download

Pro v3.2.1 (9.18 MB)

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PDF Password Recover - Update List

  1. Software Update PDF Password Recover 3.1.1 Released

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